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Post-operative care

Creado por: Equipo médico Bogotá Laser
11 octubre, 2023
Attend your follow-up appointment on time.
You may feel a foreign body sensation in the operated eye due to the use of sutures. Do not rub your eye. These sutures will be removed in the doctor's office as soon as the surgeon deems it appropriate.
Maintain regular contact with your surgeon if you observe any warning symptoms such as pain, burning, redness, or progressive loss of vision.
Continue with your regular diet and medication administration unless you have specific medical instructions to the contrary.
Use the protective mask provided by the institution if your procedure requires it, remembering to wash and dry it daily before use.
Avoid physical activities such as running, swimming, or lifting heavy objects as instructed by your surgeon. Additionally, try not to lift small children as you may accidentally injure the operated eye.
Follow the doctor's instructions for sleeping; it is recommended to sleep on your back or, if you sleep on your side, choose the side opposite the operated eye.
Follow the instructions recorded by your surgeon on the prescription regarding the prescribed medications, both in terms of quantity and frequency.
Remember that for some procedures, it is normal to experience redness in the eye, discomfort with light, blurry vision, etc. Do not hesitate to call your surgeon if these discomforts, instead of gradually diminishing, increase progressively for hours.
REMEMBER to wash your hands properly before applying the eye drops to avoid contamination of the medication.
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