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Participation mechanisms

Creado por: Equipo médico Bogotá Laser
10 octubre, 2023
Bogota Laser Ocular Surgery Center prioritizes social participation and follows Resolution 2063 of 201, which mandates the establishment of spaces for user participation. We have implemented various channels to promote an exchange of information and continuously improve the quality of care we provide.
Some of our key communication and participation initiatives include:
  • User service and social participation: We hold regular meetings, at least once a year, to gather feedback and ideas from users. These meetings aim to enhance service provision and the overall functioning of our healthcare institution based on user input.

  • Mechanisms for addressing user requests and concerns: We have established channels to receive and address user requests, complaints, claims, and inquiries. These include suggestion boxes, email, interaction through social media, and direct attention through our customer service area.

  • Keep users informed about their rights and responsibilities.

  • Promote patient well-being through our “Culture Safety” program, which promotes ongoing patient education on topics such as patient safety, eye drop application, hand hygiene, organ donation, and other topics of interest to our users.

Additionally, the clinic offers the service of virtual discussions. This space is open to the public interested in learning and interactive teaching. From the comfort of their homes or offices, people seeking clarification about available surgical procedures, scientific benefits, and recovery statistics can engage in discussions with our ophthalmologist doctors to learn about the different procedure alternatives available at the clinic.


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