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Dry eye analysis - keratograph

Creado por: Equipo médico Bogotá Laser
11 octubre, 2023
The analysis of dry eye is carried out using the Keratograph 5M topographer by Oculus, which is a versatile device equipped with a high-resolution color camera and multiple lighting systems. This advanced technology allows for a more precise assessment of tear quantity and quality. The dry eye analysis performed with the Keratograph 5M is a non-invasive test that does not require pupillary dilation or physical contact with the patient's eye, ensuring a comfortable experience.

The Keratograph 5M enables various studies to be conducted to evaluate different aspects of tear function and ocular health. These include tear meniscus height, tear film sensitivity and stability, lipid layer thickness, tear film dynamics, meibography test, and bulbar redness recording (hyperemia).

Recommendations: If you wear contact lenses, remove them before the examination, and avoid using any medication or artificial tears 2 hours before the test to avoid affecting the results.
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