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Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery is a procedure aimed at correcting and improving vision through the use of laser technology or intraocular lenses. It is a viable option for individuals with various visual impairments, including astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, keratoconus, or presbyopia. By undergoing refractive surgery, individuals can potentially reduce their reliance on corrective eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses, leading to a significant enhancement in their overall quality of life.


HD vision thanks to
our technology that allows
personalized treatments.

Improved quality of life
due to complete independence from
glasses and contact lenses.

Outpatient procedures, quick
and prompt recovery in
most cases.

Reliable results due to
our scientific endorsement.

Enhanced patient safety


Is laser surgery very expensive?
The cost of laser surgery varies depending on individual factors and the specific treatment required. At Bogota Laser, we utilize state-of-the-art ocular surgery technology, and the cost of the procedure is determined based on the diagnosis made by our experienced ophthalmologists and the results of comprehensive examinations.

How can presbyopia be treated?
At Bogota Laser, we offer innovative treatment options for presbyopia. Our scientific team, coupled with advanced technology, allows us to provide treatments such as Excimer Laser procedures or lens implantation. We recommend scheduling an initial assessment appointment to determine the most suitable treatment for each patient.

What are the side effects of myopia surgery?
In most cases, our patients experience a recovery period of 1 to 2 days after the procedure. Our laser procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and generally do not require sedation. Some patients may experience mild discomfort, which is typically manageable.

Who can undergo the surgery?
Individuals with visual impairments such as astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, keratoconus, or presbyopia, who desire freedom from glasses and contact lenses, can undergo an initial assessment with our skilled ophthalmologists. The assessment will help determine if they are suitable candidates for laser eye or cataract surgery, based on their specific needs and eye health.

What should be considered before undergoing refractive surgery?
Before undergoing refractive surgery, it is crucial to have a thorough examination and consultation with an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist will evaluate the severity of the cataract and determine if surgery is necessary. They will also discuss any pre-existing eye conditions, medical history, and medications that may affect the surgery or recovery process. The patient needs to address any concerns or questions they may have during this consultation.

What to expect after refractive surgery?
After the surgery, a recovery period is required, which can last from a few days to several weeks. It is important to follow the postoperative care instructions and attend follow-up appointments to ensure a successful recovery.

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