Cataract extraction by phacoemulsification

Phacoemulsification is the technique to operate cataracts. This involves making a very small incision to remove the natural lens from the eye and replace it with a new lens. Generally, its recovery is usually very quick and effective, since it does not require stitches.


It is technique that treats skin laxity, lack of strength or tension in the skin, basically. It produces an effect similar to lifting, only it is not performed through surgery, and it is also considered the most prone procedure for patients with mild or moderate sagging.

Thread lifting

In aesthetic medicine, Thread lifting work to rejuvenate the face, eliminating wrinkles and facial sagging. Also, they help lift the eyebrows, they even redefine the oval of the face and the contour of the jaw. 

Toxin or Botox

Botox or botulinum toxin is a medication that is used to make muscles contract, improving patients’ gestures. Its most frequent use is to raise eyebrows and in other cases treat wrinkles that begin to appear on the face. At Bogotá Láser we have the advanced technology used by specialists to perform this procedure on patients.


Hyaluronic acid fillers help restore volume in the desired areas and minimize facial wrinkles. These contain a gel based on natural origin that also helps hydrate the skin. At Bogotá Láser, an eye clinic, there are aesthetic medicine specialists with an impeccable track record in treating these imperfections in patients skin.

Phacorefractive surgery

Phacorefractive is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the natural lens, even if it is still clear. This procedure is typically performed on individuals aged 50 and above who experience advanced presbyopia and a decline in visual acuity at all distances (far, near, and intermediate).

Ocular aesthetics

This procedure is specifically designed to address and enhance the appearance of the gaze when initial signs of aging become apparent, such as the presence of dark circles, excess skin on the eyelids, and under-eye bags. At our esteemed ocular surgery center, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled doctors who offer state-of-the-art procedures that effectively rejuvenate the skin and enhance the overall appearance of our patient’s gaze.

Lasek surgery with wavefront

This refractive surgery is tailored to patients with specific corneal conditions that are identified during the initial consultation. The purpose of this correction is to enhance both the quantity and quality of vision for the patient, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of their cornea.

This procedure is a variant of the LASEK technique that takes advantage of Wavefront technology for highly personalized vision correction. In this surgery, the way light passes through the eye is measured in real time and a three-dimensional map of the cornea is created, allowing the procedure to be precisely adapted to the individual needs of each patient. In addition, the LASEK postoperative period with the execution of this technology is much faster and more comfortable for the patient.

PRK surgery with crosslinking and wavefront

It is an eye surgery that acts on the cornea, preventing ectasia (a group of degenerative diseases that cause thinning, weakening, and deformation of the cornea) from progressing in the patient’s eye.

PRK surgery with cross-linking

This procedure effectively corrects visual defects and simultaneously halts the progression of Keratoconus, a degenerative eye condition. It significantly enhances visual functionality and offers a gradual recovery process.

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