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Elevation topography

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11 octubre, 2023

We employ advanced ophthalmic analysis technology to thoroughly assess the cornea, including its anterior and posterior surfaces, as well as the anterior chamber and iris of the eye. This comprehensive evaluation is particularly essential for cases involving conditions like keratoconus, where eye surgery or intra-stromal rings may be required. It also serves as a reliable indicator of the risk of future complications with laser surgery, such as ectasias. Moreover, this examination provides a more precise calculation of the intraocular lens in individuals with a history of refractive surgery. We utilize cutting-edge equipment, such as the Pentacam HR by Oculus and Sirius by Schwind, to perform these assessments.

Recommendations: If you wear soft contact lenses, remove them at least 3 days before the examination; if you wear hard contact lenses, remove them 8 days in advance. No dilation is required.

Diagnostic Center: Pentacam, Sirius
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