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Creado por: Equipo médico Bogotá Laser
11 octubre, 2023

This examination uses laser light rays to accurately diagnose visual defects without the subjectivity of subjective refraction in optometry. It measures the present refractive error and other optical defects called aberrations, which are converted into measurements through mathematical formulas to determine the appropriate treatment with the excimer laser. This system is known as a personalized treatment of visual defects. At Bogota Laser Ocular Surgery Center, we have three types of equipment to perform this examination, depending on the laser that will be used for the patient and the procedure defined by the ophthalmologist. These are Peramis, Idesing, and Wavefront.

Recommendations: If you wear soft contact lenses, remove them at least 3 days before the examination; if you wear hard contact lenses, remove them 8 days in advance. No dilation is required.

Diagnostic Center: Wavefront, I desing, Peramis
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