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Cirugía de miopía
Myopia is a refractive error that prevents the eye from focusing on objects that are far away. It is caused by an enlargement of the eye. It usually develops between the ages of 10 and 25, although it can occur at any age. The important thing is to identify it so that it can be corrected or treated. Learn more about this increasingly common condition among people, which is currently one of the priorities in the attention of eye surgery centers like Bogota Laser Ocular Surgery Center in the case of myopia surgery.  


  • Genetic predisposition
  • Cataract
  • Keratoconus diagnosis
  • Prematurity
  • Extended near work


  • Poor distance vision.
  • Lack of awareness of poor lighting.
  • Headaches.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Eye redness.


The diagnosis is made through a visual examination to determine the patient's visual acuity. Depending on the results, the ophthalmologist assesses the degree of myopia using a refractive test to measure the eye's visual power.


The treatment of myopia aims to improve the vision of patients who have difficulty seeing objects in the distance by helping to focus light on the retina. This can be achieved through myopia surgery, which eliminates the need for glasses and improves patients' quality of life. It also includes periodic monitoring of complications associated with the disease, such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal tears and detachments, and damage to the central areas of the retina. Myopia can be treated with:



  • Using the computer all day: it is no secret that prolonged exposure to computer screen light causes eye strain, discomfort, and pain. In such cases, it is recommended to use anti-reflective lenses. Yuichi Uchino, an ophthalmology professional at Keio University in Japan, published a study in JAMA Ophthalmology concluding that the longer you spend in front of a screen, the lower the levels of MUC5AC protein (which maintains ocular moisture), leading to dry eyes.

  • Rubbing your eyes: hands are constantly in contact with bacteria that can affect our eyes and cause infections. While it is a natural reaction for people to rub their eyes when they feel itching, tiredness, or discomfort, rubbing them forcefully can damage the cornea. It is best to avoid it.

  • Reading while in motion: although it may seem like a productive use of time while commuting to work, university, or school, reading while in motion can cause eye fatigue and strain, potentially leading to vision problems.

  • Reading in low light: moderate lighting is necessary for comfortable and strain-free reading. Insufficient light can cause eye fatigue and redness.

  • Not wearing sunglasses: UV rays are not only harmful to the skin; direct exposure to sunlight can lead to permanent blindness.

  • Exposure to smoke: smoking or being near a smoker accelerates the degenerative process of the retina. The symptoms are more pronounced in active smokers who directly receive smoke into their eyes, while passive smokers receive it from a distance.

  • Neglecting health: poorly managed diabetes can result in severe vision loss or blindness. Therefore, eye health also depends on the overall care of your body, as certain general diseases can affect other organs.
Swimming without protective goggles: chemicals in swimming pools, high salt levels in the sea, and contaminants in various bodies of water can cause eye irritation or temporary blindness. Take preventive measures to protect your vision.


  • Structural myopia: this type of myopia is caused by anatomical defects in which the optical system focuses images in front of the retina. Depending on its severity, myopia surgery may be performed. Visual defects should not prevent you from having good vision. It is always recommended to seek a solution before complications arise. Bogota Laser is an institution that can guide you and help you make the best decision. They have the most important eye surgery centers worldwide and is pioneers in South America, providing access to the latest technological advancements and also offering ocular plastic surgery.

  • Congenital myopia: this type of myopia is present from birth and is usually caused by diseases during the gestation process or even premature birth.

  • Degenerative myopia: this is a more severe type of myopia because it is associated with the possibility of rapid progression. Early correction is crucial. It can be corrected through refractive surgery.

  • Simple myopia: this is the most common type of myopia, and it tends to stabilize on its own during its development. It is the mildest form and typically appears around the age of 5.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), uncorrected visual defects are the leading cause of visual impairment worldwide.

Refractive surgery is a procedure that corrects vision without the need for external devices to fix corneal problems. It is an excellent alternative for treating visual defects such as hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism.

LASIK surgery (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a process that reshapes the cornea to achieve clearer vision. It is performed using advanced technology while the patient is awake, under local anesthesia, and typically takes about 15 minutes. Its benefits lie in its effectiveness, rapid results, and painlessness. Bogota Laser is renowned for performing this procedure on patients. Don't wait any longer; schedule your appointment and get the answers you require.

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