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Lasek surgery with wavefront

This refractive surgery is tailored to patients with specific corneal conditions that are identified during the initial consultation. The purpose of this correction is to enhance both the quantity and quality of vision for the patient, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of their cornea.

This procedure is a variant of the LASEK technique that takes advantage of Wavefront technology for highly personalized vision correction. In this surgery, the way light passes through the eye is measured in real time and a three-dimensional map of the cornea is created, allowing the procedure to be precisely adapted to the individual needs of each patient. In addition, the LASEK postoperative period with the execution of this technology is much faster and more comfortable for the patient.
Next day
Work incapacity:
5 days


Personalized procedure.

More precise
cornea reshaping.

Highly advanced
technique to achieve superior
visual quality and quantity.

Safe method.


  • An alcohol solution is applied to the eye to help detach the surface of the cornea (epithelium).
  • The epithelium is removed, exposing the cornea.
  • Depending on the pre-surgical assessment, the laser will be targeted in a personalized manner to reshape the cornea and correct the visual defect.
  • A soft contact lens, like a bandage, is placed on the cornea to help protect the eye during the healing process.


1 day
8 days
Sea, Pool,
and Sauna:
8 days
1 day
Contact sports:
10 days
Use sunglasses:
8 days
Use drops recommended
by the specialist
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