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Keratoconus Surgery

Keratoconus is a progressive corneal disease that often has a genetic basis. It is frequently associated with eye rubbing, which can contribute to its development or worsening. At Bogota Laser, we have developed our patented treatment for keratoconus, which aims to arrest the cornea's deformation, taking into consideration the specific degree of the condition in each patient.


Provides firmness to the cornea structure.

Prevents or delays the need for a corneal transplant.

Improves visual acuity.

Enhances vision quality.


If a patient has keratoconus, can they go blind?
No. This condition does not cause blindness, but it can worsen vision over time. However, an advanced keratoconus patient may experience a significant impact on their visual quality and may require a corneal transplant.

Can both eyes have keratoconus?
Yes. It has been found that 97 % of cases are bilateral, although there is a 3 % chance of it being unilateral.

Can spending long hours on the computer cause keratoconus?
No. There is no evidence of this. The exception is eye rubbing in cases of discomfort from screen light.

Can keratoconus improve or heal on its own?
Keratoconus does not improve or heal on its own. It either progresses or stabilizes. Therefore, it is important to have regular eye check-ups to monitor the condition and take appropriate measures promptly.


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