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Intralase eye surgery

Intralase is an advanced technique that corrects visual defects using the method of creating precise cuts with microbubbles.
Next day
Work incapacity:
5 hours


Quick recovery.

Almost immediate
vision improvement.

The surgery is entirely
laser-based, without blades.

It is a safe technique.


Driving: 1 day
Makeup: 8 days
Sea, Pool, and Sauna: 8 days
Exercise: 1 day
Contact sports: 10 days
Use sunglasses: 8 days
Use drops recommended by the specialist


Microbubbles are created using the Intralase laser, creating a space in the cornea.

The top layer of the cornea (flap) is lifted thanks to the previously created space with great precision.

Another laser is used to reshape the cornea and correct the visual defect.

After laser treatment, the flap is repositioned with a self-sealing edge, without the need for stitches.

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