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Implantation of intrastromal rings

Intrastromal rings, designed to restore the natural shape of the cornea, are affixed to its outer layer. These rings are employed in the treatment of keratoconus, a condition characterized by the thinning of the central region of the cornea. By inserting semicircular rings into the stroma, a smooth and uniform surface is reestablished, enabling the eye to capture clear and precise images. Crafted from a specialized acrylic material, the rings possess minimal thickness (measured in microns) and transparent properties, mimicking the natural anatomy of the cornea while modifying its conical shape.
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Provide firmness to the cornea structure.

Can help prevent or delay corneal transplantation.  

Improve visual acuity.  

Reversible, the rings can be safely removed. 

Contribute to increasing tolerance and adaptation to contact lenses.


  • Anesthetic eye drops are administered to numb the area.
  • The ophthalmologist proceeds with manual laser cuts on the cornea.
  • Subsequently, the ring is carefully implanted through the tunnels created by the specialist, to reinstate a smooth and uniform corneal surface.
  • Finally, if necessary, very small sutures are used to close the incisions, although in most cases, patients undergoing this procedure do not require sutures.


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