How do I know if I have dry eye?

At Bogota Laser Ocular Surgery Center, we offer the OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index) test, which can provide patients with an initial indication of the possibility of having dry eye.

Do all cases of dry eye require the same treatment?

No, this depends on the severity of the condition, the decrease in tear production, or excessive tear evaporation.

Can dry eye lead to serious complications?

Yes, in some cases, it can affect the patient’s cornea and filaments, depending on its progression.

Can ocular aesthetic procedures correct visual defects?

No. These specialized techniques are only for correcting facial changes that have occurred over time.

From what age can facial defects be treated?

Usually, people start losing collagen around the age of 25, so it is considered an appropriate age to access ocular aesthetic procedures.

How long does Botox last on the face?

Its effects last for 3 to 4 months, after which it needs to be reapplied. However, it is not always necessary to rely on the substance.

Will undergoing Ocular Aesthetics surgery affect my vision?

No. As it is a surgery with good aesthetic results, it will only correct the facial defects requested by the patient.

Are there risks associated with retinal detachment surgery?

Retinal detachment surgery, like any surgical procedure, entails inherent risks. Potential complications encompass the occurrence of infection, bleeding, recurrent retinal detachment, and cataract formation. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that most complications are infrequent and amenable to successful treatment. Retina surgery stands as a safe and efficacious intervention, capable of enhancing the quality of life for individuals grappling with retinal and vitreous issues. To gain a comprehensive understanding of vitreoretinal surgery, it is imperative to engage in a thorough discussion of treatment options with a healthcare professional, thereby acquiring all necessary information. Scheduling an appointment with a qualified specialist is highly recommended.

Who are candidates for vitreoretinal surgery?

Patients with retinal or vitreous problems, such as retinal detachment, vitreous traction, or diabetic retinopathy, may be candidates for retina surgery. The ophthalmologist will assess the patient’s condition and determine if they are suitable for the surgery.

¿Hay riesgos asociados con la cirugia desprendimiento de retina?

Como cualquier procedimiento quirúrgico, la cirugia desprendimiento de retina conlleva algunos riesgos. Algunos de los posibles riesgos incluyen infección, sangrado, desprendimiento de retina y cataratas. Sin embargo, la mayoría de las complicaciones son poco comunes y pueden tratarse con éxito.

La cirugia de la retina es una cirugía segura y efectiva que puede ayudar a mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas con problemas en la retina y el vítreo. Es importante discutir las opciones de tratamiento reservando una cita y así obtener toda la información necesaria sobre la cirugía vitreorretiniana.

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