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Terms and conditions benefits club


Once the patient undergoes their eye surgery, the Bogota Laser Contigo Benefits Club will be activated. This portfolio includes 4 benefits. In the first one, the patient or the beneficiary can redeem a 30% discount on sunglasses by presenting this gift card, and the benefit can be transferred and used more than once. In the second benefit, the patient can gift a voucher worth 200,000 Colombian pesos to any referral (family member or friend) so that the recipient of the gift card can redeem it for any procedure on Both Eyes, and the referral must present this gift card on the day of their initial assessment to apply the discount (This discount cannot be combined with other monthly promotions but is transferable). With the third benefit, the person redeeming the voucher can purchase their Vision Care hygiene and eye care kit with a 20% discount. Additionally, this gift card allows for the same discount on dry eye treatments (diagnosis or therapies). Finally, with the last benefit, the person presenting this gift card can receive a 50% discount on a facial peel and redeem 200,000 Colombian pesos for any aesthetic eye surgery procedure.

Gift cards valid until December 2022

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