Does Myopia return after undergoing Myopia surgery?

No, this is a misconception that arose from the use of incision-based surgeries, which can be subject to changes over time due to corneal weakness. However, Myopia that has been treated with refractive surgery does not reoccur. It is important to note that degenerative Myopia (Myopia greater than 10 diopters) can progress with or without surgery as a result of natural eye growth. Additionally, age-related changes in the cornea may occur, but these changes are not associated with the surgery itself.

Does Myopia surgery always cause discomfort in night vision and glare?

This used to be true for certain patients with large pupils. However, with the latest technology, it is no longer the case. The implementation of the Eye Tracker ensures that treatments are focused on the pupil, mitigating the risk of discomfort in night vision and glare. The latest program called “VSS” from VISX Star S4 enables treatments for larger pupils, up to 8.2 mm. The Pupillometer is used to measure the size of the pupil, and Iris Registration enables a fully personalized treatment design.

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